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Document Archiving | Automation Platform with Document Management

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Effortless Collaboration with BitAffix Document Management

BitAffix inclusive of Document Management System within its Business Process Automation suite, provides seamless collaboration and advanced search features in a user-friendly platform. With administrative tools for user roles, document security, activity tracking and automated tasks, it offers an all-in-one solution for efficient management.

Benefits of  Document Library

Enables businesses to effortlessly archive a range of documents, including invoices, employee applications, vendor contracts, and more, seamlessly integrating them into essential processes. Whether it’s uploading, scanning or capturing original records during process execution or facilitates direct archiving and organization. Organizations can shield themselves against legal risks, data breaches and loss while leveraging the benefits of digitization to enhance efficiency and address operational challenges effectively.

Paperless Document Archiving - Process Automation Platform

Go Paperless - Digital Office

By storing digitized information in secure digital archives, BitAffix eliminates the need for paper in your office environment. Say goodbye to lost documents, printing hassles, and cluttered file cabinets.

Document Archiving - Audit Response

Effortless Audit Readiness

Safeguard your documents with secure archiving for easy access and audit preparation. BitAffix ensures organized, accessible information for streamlined audits.

Ensure Compliance - Document Archiving

Ensure Compliance with Ease

Navigating regulatory compliance standards is simplified with BitAffix. By organizing and securing your documents, achieving compliance becomes more efficient and expedited. BitAffix helps protect your organization and ensures adherence to industry regulations.

Disaster Preparedness - Automation Process Platform

Fortify Disaster Preparedness

In the face of natural disasters or cyber threats, preparedness is key. BitAffix's secure archiving supports your disaster recovery processes, helping your organization recover swiftly from unforeseen catastrophes.

Secure Document Archiving with BitAffix Library

Safeguard vital information like employee records, financial data, and contracts in a secure, organized repository, ensuring protection against loss, theft, or compromise. Your organization requires a secure haven for crucial business documents. Employee details, financial records, contracts, and other sensitive data demand a well-organized, fortified repository, safeguarding against loss, theft, or compromise.

Understanding Document Archiving

Document archiving entails transferring inactive documents to long-term storage across various data mediums, ensuring quick accessibility when needed. Besides facilitating retrieval of older documents, archiving ensures security and legal compliance, preserving all documentation. Moreover, it optimizes space utilization in both physical offices and digital servers.

Protect Your Documents with BitAffix’s Library

BitAffix’s Library offers comprehensive document archiving, storage, and search capabilities, serving as a secure repository for vital business information. With robust security measures in place, BitAffix ensures the safety of our customers’ data. This is how BitAffix’s Library protects our customers.

Versatile Formatting Options 

BitAffix offers flexibility in document storage, accommodating scanned documents, PDFs, emails, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), images, and more.

Robust Encryption for Enhanced Security

BitAffix prioritizes data security by encrypting all data transmission via HTTPS and encrypting all documents using AES encryption. Additionally, a comprehensive access rights system ensures sensitive documents remain protected.

Redundant Backups for Data Integrity

With dedicated EU and US Microsoft Azure data centers featuring triple data mirroring and off-site redundancy, BitAffix ensures that information is never lost. Simplified disaster recovery planning provides peace of mind.

Comprehensive Traceability and Transparency

BitAffix maintains complete traceability by logging every document capture, version, and annotation. Additionally, every workflow step is recorded, ensuring transparency for auditing purposes.

Granular Data Control for Compliance

BitAffix provides granular access rights and rigorous information organization to support strict compliance initiatives such as GDPR, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Simplified retention policy planning ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Complete Information Indexing

Automated and thorough indexing in BitAffix ensures that documents are precisely organized, easily findable, and actionable in workflow processes. Every document is complete with no missing data, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Document Archival all features

BitAffix’s Comprehensive Document Management Features 

Versatile Download and Sharing Options

Download any file or document in PDF format or seamlessly send PDF files via email for streamlined communication and collaboration.

Enhanced Document Security

BitAffix offers robust document security features, including the ability to lock documents to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data integrity.

Effortless Folder and Document Retrieval

Easily locate folders or documents through intuitive search functionalities, ensuring swift access to essential information.

Streamlined Document Editing and Organization

Effortlessly edit documents and create new folders to organize files with ease, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency.

Seamless Integration and Collaboration

BitAffix facilitates seamless integration with other applications and supports collaborative efforts through features like live editing and document sharing.

Key Features

  • Web Client Access  –  Access documents from any browser without the need for client software installation, ensuring convenience and accessibility.
  • Digital Signature Integration – Seamlessly integrate digital signature capabilities for document authentication and security.
  • Email Management – Collect, import, and capture metadata from emails, enhancing organization and accessibility.
  • Barcode Recognition – Automatically recognize and process various types of barcodes, facilitating document categorization and retrieval.
  • OCR Capabilities – Scan and securely store paper documents, extract text, and search for data within images, ensuring comprehensive document management.
  • Scanner Client Integration – Capture images from scanners, convert to PDF, and upload to BitAffix with metadata, streamlining document digitization processes.
  • Desktop Sync – Sync desktop and BitAffix library folders for seamless document management across platforms.
  • Document Locking: Secure sensitive documents by locking them to prevent unauthorized access or editing, ensuring data integrity.
  • Version Control – Manage document versions, add comments, and restore previous versions when needed, enhancing collaboration and traceability.
  • Security Features – Utilize JWT-based authentication, granular access control, SSL communication, and encryption to safeguard data and ensure compliance.
  •  Integration Capabilities – Seamlessly integrate with third-party applications, databases, and REST APIs to enhance functionality and workflow automation.

BitAffix’s Library Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Solution – Enjoy unlimited users with professional support at competitive pricing, thanks to BitAffix’s flexible licensing scheme and stability.
  • Integration Capabilities – Capture, organize, and track various types of information from different sources, including paper documents, text files, emails, and more.
  • User-Friendly Interface – Access documents from anywhere via web client without the need for client software installation, ensuring ease of use and short learning curves.
  • Robust Security Measures – Utilize granular access control, built-in antivirus, and data encryption to safeguard sensitive information and ensure data integrity.
  • Enhanced Productivity – BitAffix boosts productivity by facilitating quick document location, sharing, and notification settings, along with simplified workflow processes.
  • Process Optimization Tools – Evaluate user behavior, group activities, and document usage to optimize processes and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Innovative Solutions  – Encourage intellectual capital development, collaboration, and resource reuse to stay competitive in today’s business landscape.

Why teams love BitAffix

"BitAffix is a game-changer. It automates our workflows and processes fast and easy. It boosts our efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. We highly recommend it to anyone who needs a powerful and affordable automation platform"


Waheed | Head of IT , Finance House

"BitAffix is impressive. It automates any type of process, from simple to complex, across different functions. It streamlines our operations, reduces errors, and saves time and money. BitAffix is the best automation solution in the market"


Tanveer | CIO of Xalq Bank

"BitAffix simplifies and automates our processes with this great tools. It organizes and secures our documents and data. It connects and communicates with any system or services. BitAffix is a must-have for any business that wants to achieve its goals"


Ali Abdulameer | IT Head, Al Mal Bank

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